Secondary Schools

There will be two sessions everyday for secondary schools. We recommend a whole school approach to the Climate and Nature Summit. This means that your school will decide what times of the day teachers and students watch these sessions. For example, everyday throughout the week your school may decide to watch the first session at 9am and the second session at 2pm.

There is power in having collective conversations. Hence why we are encouraging all classes (1st to 6th year) in your school to watch the sessions at the same time in the day, irrespective of what subject they are in. However, any teacher or class can access the sessions at any time of the day, and also once the event has finished.

We are looking for leaders! You could be the coordinator of the event for your school and take the following steps.

  • Register for the summit.
  • Speak to your Principals and Deputy Principals and get them on board.
  • Decide what time of the day the whole school will watch the sessions throughout the week.
  • Ask teachers in your school to register for the summit.
  • Create a build up to the event.
  • Send your colleagues reminders during the week of the summit.